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My Story

WELCOME TO THE HOTTEST NEW THING IN CANDLES… I’M JEANETTE NUNGARAY-- *SCENTSY CONSULTANT* I can’t wait for you to EXPLORE AND DISCOVER…SCENTSY Would you like to buy it, earn it for free or become a business owner like me? INTERESTED …. WHETHER TO BUY, HOST, OR JOIN…GET A SPECIAL TREAT FOR CONTACTING ME ABOUT SCENTSY! ONLY $99 TO START YOUR OWN STORY AND DISCOVER YOUR DESTINY! ♥ MY SCENTSY STORY♥ I first came across Scentsy on March 2012 at a Home and Garden Expo. I was hosting at the expo, for my family business. As I take a break and browse the other stands I then see the display of warmers. They caught my attention and approached the lady for information. She said it’s Scentsy! I had never heard about it before. Then Mary the hostess gave me a little introduction of the product and I asked questions like are they safe? Do they burn? Do they have any harsh chemicals in the wax? Etc. At that time I was reading and practicing Feng Shui. I know I know my brother still makes jokes about my obsession of Feng Shui.  There are specific Feng Shui guidelines that are good to be followed when taking care of the energy of your home or working space. Candles are the strongest expression of the Feng Shui element Fire.  After using soy wax candles I was still searching for something healthy and safe to have on all the time, and without the worry of a hazard or an accident to occur. After the experience of Scentsy I fell in love with all the different fragrances and warmers. Sadly, I couldn't become a consultant at that time. I was still working on launching out my online store business. Months after I started to research more about the company Scentsy. One day on my facebook news feed a Scentsy consultant posted about “How to earn Free Scentsy”. What!! Free Scentsy? So then I continued to read her post and it read -"Most of you these days don't have time to do a home party. So schedule an Online Party or a Basket Party". Like those in home party’s Ladies do and there it was an "Online party".  I had no idea what an "online party" was. So I contacted her for more information. In talking with Pam the consultant, she explained what an online party is and what rewards I will get by hosting my own party. This was great for me because I loved the product so much but didn't want to have an in home party. Then I had an idea, contacted Pam again and gave it shot! I hosted an Event on facebook for my online party. Through my online party I was able to earn enough FREE product and credit to buy a plug-in, tree warmers, and a room spray plus her free item from Scentsy for me by hosting the party.  This would have been about $140.00 if I hadn't hosted my party.  But because my Event "online party" went well for me, I was able to earn enough free product and half price items to get it for less than $60.00!  I.  Was.  Hooked. ♥ I signed up and became a consultant.  Never had I been so passionate about ANY product.  But after years of searching for the magic bullet that would make my home smell more welcoming. I knew I wanted to help other people discover it as well!  As there were new children in the family I couldn't keep open flames going around the house, so the candles all ended up in a drawer, or not lit. Some incents irritated me. Burning 100% organic essential oils with a burner was the same as candles and the plug-ins worked if you replaced them constantly. Let's face it- constantly replacing candles and plug-ins is expensive!  So what I loved about my Scentsy warmer was that for between $20-35 (The price of ONE decent jar candle) I could buy the warmer.  Then after that the bars are just $5.00!  And they last 60-80 hours!  That's 2 full weeks of non-stop use.  So if you never turn your warmer off you get 2 full weeks of amazing smell.  But most of us will turn off our warmers when we are asleep or when we go out.  So really a bar lasts a month!  That's way cheaper than candles, 100% organic essential oils or plug-ins!  Plus you can change out the smells whenever you want, safe for children and pets. I know that Scentsy provides that QUALITY OF LIFE that we all deserve! I am happy to be providing unique wickless candles, beautifully designed warmers and home fragrance products that warm the heart, enliven the senses and inspire the soul! I thank you for this opportunity of sharing my Scentsy story. Join my team and discover Your Own Story… I can’t wait to hear it! JEANETTE NUNGARAY ♥ xoxo *SCENTSY CONSULTANT*    Like my Fan/Team Page on FaceBook! @ Follow me on Instagram @SafeScents   Top 10 reasons to join my Scentsy Team!! 1. Be Your Own Boss!  Work as little or as much as you want. Scentsy is flexible; work your business around your schedule. A few hours a day to several hours a week, whatever you have time for. It's your business, make it work for you! 2. Make Extra Money!  Whether you want some extra money for a fun family weekend or enough to pay your mortgage or car payment, owning your own Scentsy business can make that happen. 3. Free Products!  When you join Scentsy you will receive over $200.00 in product for only $99.00! You will get everything you need to start your business!! Why buy the products when you can sell them and get them for free and/of discounted. Never pay full price for your Scentsy again!! 4. Give Back To Your Community!  Scentsy gives you the opportunity to do fundraisers and give back to those Causes/Organizations that mean so much to you. Help that Cheer team buy new uniforms or donate to your local Children’s Cancer Hospital. The possibilities are endless! 5. The Product!  Scentsy has amazing products! It sells itself. People love to have their homes smell wonderful. With over 80 scents and over 40 warmer styles, there's something for everyone! They make great gifts! 6. Great Support System!  As a consultant you have 24/7 access to online training tools that will help you grow and organize your business. You can contact me 24/7 with any and all questions and concerns. I will be there every step of the way, with you, to guide and encourage you on this business adventure :) 7. Scentsy Is Growing Rapidly!  In this economy how many companies can say they are actually growing? Scentsy had a 30% growth last year! 8. Take Your Business With You!  Whether you are moving or just going shopping. Scentsy goes where you go! It's easy to show off your business with style. People will ask you about your business wherever you go. Moving? Scentsy gives you the opportunity to go out and meet new people and introduce them to your wonderful business!! 9. Compensation Plan! Earn between 20% and 30% or more with Scentsy! Easy to understand compensation plans. The more you put into your business the more you get back. Build your team and earn even more! 10. Its FUN! You get paid to party! Get your friends together, play some games, have fun experiencing all the amazing products Scentsy has to offer...all while earning extra income. It's truly a great company, best decision I've made!! You won’t be disappointed!